Blitzed Bingo – MultiPlayer Magic

Android Game Now Available on App Stores Everywhere

l33tconsultant is proud of it’s latest co-release, Blitzed Bingo.  Stoners everywhere rejoice, as someone takes their recreation as serious as they do.

Blitzed Bingo - Free Marijuana

Multi Player Magic

I designed the backend to be as lightweight as possible; able to cut through government firewalls, and proxy servers.  No need to open and maintain a visible connection.  The design and backend server comes from years of experience as a systems administrator, and network engineer.  That is know how that normal android developers don’t have.

Keeping Player Engaged

The in app purchasing module comes in different flavors.  Amazon, Google, and Bitcoin.  Although you cannot distribute a bitcoin in app purchase on the bigger platforms, many smaller, and world wide app stores allow you to.  These countries are more hip to bitcoin anyway, and they have them most readily available on their mobile device.  A match perfectly for countries that are otherwise hard to do business with because of the banks.  Furthermore – 2 The Left, will experience a high income in Bitcoin.  That is because the cost of money (fees) is $0.00.  This compared to 30% on the bigger publishing platforms.

Bitcoin is truly the invention of this century.  When it enabled people to directly interchange a universally trusted math value, encrypted directly between one another, it is more advanced than any toaster I’ve ever seen.

Is Your App Ready for a Face Lift

Are you ready to take your android game or app to the next level?  I can help you bring your already published app new life, or create something that you just can’t find anywhere else.  How about a custom mobile app for your employees?  The sky’s the limit.  What can I code for you?