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Volunteer Android Code Services to Potcoin Cryptocurrency

Potcoin Cryptocurrency

L33t consultant is proud to volunteer coding services to Potcoin cryptocurrency.  This currency falls directly in line with the other apps and games created by L33t consultant, in direct cooperation with Pass A Joint & 2 The Left, Inc.

“It is an exciting opportunity for me.  It enables me to practice skills in cryptocurrency applications.  I look forward to being an asset to the team by contributing to code – specifically in the android and java areas.”

New Wallet On The Way!

L33t consultant plans to contribute to Coinomi, giving Potcoin a rich wallet environment for holding coins.  Coinomi includes an interface for anonymous trading of Potcoin with other popular cryptocurrency using Shape Shift.  It makes Coinomi the perfect wallet-of-choice for android.

The Potcoin team has a truly enthusiastic outlook on its’ promise to be the cryptocurrency of choice for the cannabis industry.  They are making firm movements in social media, and turning many heads in Colorado, and other states and countries where marijuana is legal.

“I’ll be adding a brand new wallet to the lineup of options to store, trade, and consume marijuana products for POT.  The need for a replacement of the dollar is at the doorstep, and I hope my efforts will put another nail-in-the-coffin of The Federal Reserve.”

Breaking News

There has been recent press releases about how badly the cannabis industry in colorado struggles with the dollar, and banks – specifically The Federal Reserve – and stopping pot shops from acquiring banking accounts.  This is a monopoly that needs to be broken by creative, passionate people.

With the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, Potcoin follows in the most incredible collection of moving parts in a math dance.  It gives mankind, and cannabis users, the freedom of commerce without monopolistic private corporation opinion or surveillance.

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