Experience is the best teacher.  I have worked with a diverse set of companies.  Each had very specific needs to service their customers in fast moving Internet technologies.  I accepted unique challenges in every field of industry.  To name a few:

Experience you can count on

  • Stock Market & Financial
  • Medical & HIPAA
  • Networking & Internet Services
  • Credit Card & Banking
  • Video Games & Social Media
  • Fire Mitigation & Insurance
  • Railroad Safety & Management

Experience on Your Side

Understanding what high end customers want in their Information Services, and delivering those needs is no small task.  I fulfill those needs on a daily basis.  My experiences in diverse settings ensures there will be no surprises  or hip-shot technology guessing.  I have real world answers that work, because I’ve experienced it.

New Experiences

I haven’t experienced everything, but that hasn’t stopped me from seeking it out.  I have accepted personal challenges in information technology.  I am self taught.  I am driven with a passion and tenacity to know how.  When code was an unknown, I developed a popular facebook application, that now has over 1.3 million likes.  Next I developed an android application.  Both are profitable to this day.

Ready to Draw From a Growing Knowledge Base?

You have needs, some are so unique they have not been programed yet.  You have ideas, but can’t translate them into Information Systems.  I’ll ignite those ideas, and put real world know-how to work for you.  I’ll enjoy working with those ideas and making them Internet “Real”.

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