Coding Services

I offer custom coding and development services for your specific needs.  I can program in several different languages, and I have a solid understanding of social API.  Will Code For Food!


I have used skills in raw PHP / MySQL / HTML to create a ultra popular game in facebook that has attracted more than 450,000 likes.  I was able to support the advanced settings of MySQL and apache to manage all connections from one server.  No need for an expensive server farm.  No need for rubber band clouds.  Just one server, one coder, and 3 million hits a month from my closest friends.

JavaScript | Java | AJAX | JQuery

Because my depth of knowledge with different code bases, I am able to create using whatever code base is better suited for a job.  These languages round off the ruff edges of html and css.  it’s important that your web developer know these different and dynamic languages.


CMS | WordPress | Drupal

I have had many successful deployments of Websites from Domain Services to Production Deployments.  I have created custom plugins for WordPress to better integrate with Bitcoin and Authnet.  Drupal Templates and custom content is another area I can help with your CMS needs.  I am able to translate PSD, or Illustrator files into HTML / CSS for theming your new web site.

Android Device Coding

I have created and deployed a few different android games, and currently has my biggest crowd.  Using banners and selling game tokens, it has created a nice base off which to grow.  I can create an android application to match the look and feel of your web site.

Graphic Design

I have a background in graphic arts.  This allows my artistic eye to assist in final design.  I am able to illustrate simple and complex illustration in a pinch.  It’s not my area of expertise, but I can draw on that skill when needed.  This gives me more prospective than just code jockey.

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