About l33t Consultant

When Experience Counts

When experience counts, you hire the best IT Administrator you can find.  I am an IT army of one.  No politics, no excuses.  I’ll use my 20 years experience to make sure your IT systems are solid.  My expertise include:

  • LAMP Expert
  • Linux Engineer
  • Practitioner of SEO
  • PHP, VB, Scripting, SQL
  • Computer Illustrations
  • WordPress / Drupal
  • Mysql Tuning
  • Monitor Systems
  • Open Source
  • Simple and Complex Active Directory
  • Windows Server & Workstations
  • Mac OSX Server & Workstations
  • VoIP Asterisk
  • Network Hardware and IPv4/IPv6 Configurations
  • Android Applications
  • Bitcoin

Attention You Deserve

I only accept a few clients to make sure my current clients get the best, and most attention that their systems need to keep their business running.  Why would you hire someone to commute to your office daily when your systems only need maintenance a few times a month.  I’ll be your office computer guy, not on your payroll.

What is L33t?

L33t is l33t speak for Elite.  Elite is a term used to describe the best of the best in computers.  Can be used to describe solid code base – or an intelligent network designer / hacker.  wiki says: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet