Why l33t Consultant

You’re here today because you’re looking for that exact someone to do your IT Systems; make sure they stay up and running and productive.  Without your IT Systems, your staff couldn’t have vital information at their fingertips.

Computer Security in an Insecure World

NSA, Hackers, Anonymous – everyone has prying eyes  how do you keep your systems safe?  I use hacker tools to do a security scan on your systems, I can provide a detailed report of what should be blocked, and what should be restricted.

Compromised Operating Systems & Cloud Servers

You know that Google, Microsoft, and all the big data providers out there are in bed with the NSA.  ALL of the data you store with these providers, or any of the operating systems produced by these mega corporations are compromised.  I can deploy open source software that allows you to still use a computer, without the backdoors

Anonymous Access and Secure Setups

I have extensive knowledge for your underground project.  I don’t hack and tell.  I accept bitcoin as payment in trade for my services – as well as other barter / trade / currency – have value – will hack.

One Stop Information Shop

I am a company of one.  It makes me limber to accomplish what you need done the most.  I don’t take on more clients than I can handle.  Rest assured, that once you’ve made the smart decision to hire the expert for your system needs, you will get the best performance and best up time without the personality of a full-time employee.

Business Systems Are All I Do

I won’t fill my time chasing home user printer issues.  I concentrate on systems that keep your business profitable.  I can suggest automation tasks that can be used to easily create more time for what’s important to you.  I can give you that second opinion that you need to make a critical decision.

Network | Programming | Servers | Workstations

When you hire an expert in all fields, you get someone who understands computer systems from the ground up.  I am best situated to predict future needs by observing system loads, and recommend the best plan of action.  You have better things to do – I am the answer to your IT Systems needs.

Service Areas

Isn’t technology grand?  Although I am located in Denver, Colorado – I can work on servers and networks anywhere in the world.  If you feel more comfortable face-to-face I can come to you in the Denver Metro Area.  Skype is another alternative to break down the barriers of time and space.

Pay How You Want

Have value?  Have a need for expert Internet / Information Artist?  Let’s Trade!  I accept all forms of payments.  Now Accepting Bitcoin!